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Landlord Dashboard

One stop management interface

Tenant Mobile App

Customized App for each tenant


Automated text reminders


Automated maintenance processing

tPay (Coming Soon)

Mobile rent payment

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  • Landlord Dashboard INCLUDED
  • Tenant Mobile App INCLUDED
  • tText INCLUDED
  • tMaintenance INCLUDED
  • tPay (Coming Soon)INCLUDED
  • Other Features INCLUDED


Have you needed details about your property, a copy of a lease, or vendor contact information but didn't have it with you? Our Landlord Dashboard puts your property, tenant, vendor, and other management information at your finger tips whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Common Questions

Has a tenant ever asked you for information that they should have such as a lease copy, phone number, or garbage pick-up day? The Tenant Mobile App gives your tenants a customized portal with the information they need, when they need it, in order to minimize unnecessary phone calls, emails and texts to you.

Common Questions

Are you hesitant to communicate with a tenant because they may ask for other improvements? tText improves communication with tenants while avoiding this situation by delivering automated text reminders whose content is either pulled from property, tenant, and lease information or is customized by you.

Common Questions

Have you been busy or out town when your tenant requests maintenance? tMaintenance automatically sends maintenance requests to you and your preferred vendors when a request is made through the Tenant Mobile App.

Common Questions

Have you ever had to meet a tenant to pick-up rent or been told that rent is late because the tenant is out of town? tPay simplifies rent collection by allowing tenants to pay their rent through their Tenant Mobile App anywhere, at anytime.

Common Questions

tPAY (Coming Soon)

Landlords, are you losing good tenants? TenantTag improves tenant communication and management for busy landlords.

  • tMessaging*Free Trial*

    Improves communications with tenants by using as an automated messaging system to deliver customized messages based on property, tenant, and lease information.

  • tMaintenance*Free Trial*

    Simplifies the submission, delivery, and approval of maintenance requests through an innovative, mobile solution.

  • tPay*Free Trial*

    Simplifies the submission, delivery, and approval of maintenance requests through an innovative, mobile solution.

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