Top 5 Covid-19 Websites for Tenants

There is a lot of information about rent relief and other services related to Covid-19 available to tenants. It is overwhelming.  As a result, we listed the top 5 Covid-19 websites for tenants. These sites answer most questions and provide updated information on services and policies related to tenants. As the policies evolve and change, the sites are accurate resources for information that can help tenants navigate rent payment, eviction, rent relief, and more.

The top 5 Covid-19 websites for tenants include the following:

-CNet: Third Covid-19 Relief Package– CNet provides a good overview of the third Covid-19 Relief Package and how much money will be available.  CNet focuses on tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, and more.

-National Housing Law Project -The NHLP supports  advocacy for tenants’ rights.  It provides a good summary of renters’ rights during Covid-19.

-Housing and Urban Development– HUD is a department in the executive branch of the U.S. federal government.  It provides a list of Resources for Renters including updated information on the eviction moratorium.

-NOLO – As a legal website, NOLO provides legal information and products for people to handle simple legal matters. As a result, it provides information on Covid-19 related tenant protections by state and some counties.

RocketLawyer– Rocket Lawyer provides legal services, forms, and documents online including information on the 2021 Eviction Moratorium.

For additional information and other helpful websites, CLICK HERE.