CDC Eviction Moratorium Set to Expire but Extension Possible

Eviction Notice Covid-19

The CDC eviction moratorium expires on March 31. At present, the American Rescue Plan does not extend the moratorium but does provide an additional $21.5 billion in emergency rental assistance. As the date approaches, many believe the CDC will extend the moratorium. The CDC has sent a proposal to the Office of Management and Budget for regulatory review. This may indicate the CDC eviction moratorium is in the process of being extended.

If there is an extension, the process for getting assistance may not change. If so, the steps include:

  • One member of a household needs to be eligible for unemployment benefits. If not, they can state in writing the that they have lost income or have higher expenses due to Covid.
  • Demonstrate a risk of homelessness. This could be a past due notice for rent or utilities.
  • Income level is less than 80% of the median income in your area.

While the steps seem clear, there are problems. Many states have passed their own rules and appear to be ignoring the CDC moratorium resulting in evictions continuing. There is confusion by tenants and landlords on proof the tenants need to provide. If the CDC eviction moratorium is extended, there is hope that these issues can also be cleared-up.

In addition to the resources listed in the article, Top 5 Covid Websites, the sites listed below are also helpful. provides a list of resources to individuals facing eviction. provides Covid, food, mental health, housing, and disaster assistance. tracks and provides data about evictions across the country.

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