Pet Screening for Tenants is Changing in 2021

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Pet screening is a concern for tenants because, according to the Humane Society, 72% of tenants have a pet. As a result, tenants want to keep their pets when they move. Traditionally, tenants provide pet information in paper form with their rental application when applying for a property. They keep track of these paper documents and submit them every time they submit an application. The application fee generally includes any pet screening expense. The documents generally include:

  • Type, breed, weight, age
  • City license information/Registration #
  • Updated shot records
  • Photo
  • Vet info
  • Proof of flea/tic preventative
  • Proof that pet has been neutered
  • Service or Support Animal documentation: HUD and FHA

New Model

As we move into 2021, technology is beginning to affect the pet screening process. The biggest change is the introduction of pet screening services that a landlord can use as part of their application process. An example of this new model is This type of service allows a landlord to set-up an account and provide applicants a link to submit their pet documents when applying for a property. Once a tenant has an account, they keep their records on the site and use them for their next rental application. In’s case, the company generates a fido score for a pet based on the submitted documents. What is a fido score? It is a grade that indicates if a pet has been approved/disapproved for a unit. The landlord uses the score to help make a decision on an application.

So Is This Good or Bad for Tenants?


  • Keep all documents in one place.
  • Easily share documents with other landlords.
  • Save time preparing rental applications.


  • Pay extra fee for pet screening service plus application fee to landlord.
  • Arguing case is difficult if pet is disapproved by screening company

While pet screening websites are not widely used yet, tenants will be asked to use these types of services more and more. Since application and lease processes have moved online, it only makes sense for the pet screening process for apartments and houses to do the same. Social distancing related to Covid-19 has only sped up the change.

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