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Buying an area rug for an apartment is overwhelming because there are many companies with their own style and selection. In addition, a rug for an apartment needs to be easy to clean and easily packed for moving because a tenant will want to keep the rug for a while and get their money’s worth. A Google search turns up all kinds of companies selling rugs, but one stands out in meeting the needs of tenants. The company is Ruggable. While it is not specifically targeting tenants, it meets the needs of tenants.

Ruggable machine washable rugs are great apartment rugs

Machine Washable

Ruggable focuses on machine washable rugs. As a result, the rugs do not have to be professionally cleaned which is more expensive and inconvenient. If a rug gets dirty during moving, a tenant easily washes it and is ready to go to the next apartment. In addition, the rug covers are made using a water-based dye and are not chemically treated which is great for tenants with pets or children.

The rug is washable because it is a two-part system that consists of a top rug cover and rug pad. Pads come in two styles, classic pad and cushioned pad. When cleaning, the rug cover is separated from the pad and washed in the washing machine. When drying the rug cover, the low heat setting is used. If it is a Plush rug, hang drying is recommended.


Apartments usually have neutral colors, so tenants generally have to live with what is given to them. Since painting is a burden, an easy way to spiff up an apartment is buying an area rug for it. Ruggable offers a variety of styles and colors such as Disney and Persian. In addition, they have round rugs, runners, and rectangular rugs ranging from 3’x5′ up to 9’x12′. Doormats are the next addition.


Few people want to spend a lot of money on a rug when decorating an apartment. As a result, Ruggable rugs vary in price by size, but most cost between $80-$599. The table below shows common pricing by size.

6′ Round$229
8′ Round$329
2.5′ x 7′ Runner$149
2.5′ x 10′ Runner$189
3′ x 5′$109
5′ x 7′$199
6′ x9′$299
8′ x 10′$399
9′ x 10′$599


Because Ruggable rugs come in two pieces and are machine washable, they are easy to pack for moving. They can be rolled-up or folded if necessary for packing. If the rug gets dirty during moving, it can be thrown into the washing machine at the new location and be ready to go.

We Ordered a Ruggable

In order to check the quality and service of Ruggable, we ordered a rug. Once the order was placed, it took one week for our 9’x12′ Kamron Coral Rug to arrive by FedEx. The email communication from Ruggable was great with updated tracking and follow-up emails about setting up the rug. So far, our experience with Ruggable has been very good, and we will be following-up with a video about the unpacking process and if the new rug meets our expectations. STAY TUNED!

Purchase Information

We purchased our 9’x12′ Kamron Coral Rug through The list price is $599 as shown on the price table, but we found a coupon code for a 10% discount at @couponfollow. As a result, our purchase price was $539.10 with free shipping by FedEx. Check out our video on our Ruggable purchase.

Ruggable rugs are also available on Amazon in a limited selection. For example, the 9′ x 12′ Kamron Coral Rug cannot be purchased on Amazon. There is little advantage ordering on Amazon because the pricing is the same, and Ruggable offers free shipping on all their orders.

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