CDC Eviction Moratorium Extended to the End of July

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The CDC on Thursday extended the Eviction Moratorium to the end of July. The CDC says this is the final extension. If so, a lot of work has to be done in the next 36 days to distribute the balance of the $46 billion in rental assistance to avoid a wave of eviction filings.

A common questions is “How did we get here since we have known about this problem for months?” There are many reasons, and the real answer is a combination of them all.

No Central Organization

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There is no central organization in charge of distributing the money to landlords. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program is run by the Treasury Department, but it gives money to states along with cities and counties that have populations of at least 200,000 that want to run their own programs. As a result, there are hundreds of programs trying to create a safety net. In some cases, legislators designed and implemented programs efficiently, while others were being cautious or lacked a sense of urgency.

Complex Program

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This is a new and massive program. The process of distributing $46 billion dollars is very complex. How do you verify that the information provided by a tenant is accurate? States, cities, and counties need staff trained to do the job. Who is going to train them? In some cases, outside companies are hired because the staff is not available. The logistics of putting the pieces together takes time.

Application Issues

Tenants are submitting incomplete applications or no applying at all. Why? Many tenants are still unaware of the program or its detail. Others cannot finish their applications because they do not have proof of a lease or lost income. In some cases, access to technology is a problem. Finally, some landlords choose not to participate

So What is Next?

At this time, the planning and design of the programs by states, cities, and counties should be done. As a result, they should be able to increase their rental assistance distribution. Is 36 days enough time? We will see.


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