3 Great Ways to Make Extra Money Online

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Money is an issue for most tenants, and there are ways to make extra cash online by doing side gigs. While there are many options that pop-up in a Google search if you want to gig for extra rent, TenantTag’s 3 Great Ways to Make Extra Money Online includes 3 companies that offer unique part-time opportunities. They offer flexibility on time and location.

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The first great way to make extra money online is with Appen. Appen focuses on artificial intelligence. It collects and labels data such as images, text, speech, audio, and video used in artificial intelligence systems. For example, when someone searches for an image, the image that is returned has to be accurate. To improve accuracy, Appen hires independent contractors to collect and label data.

In order to participate, prospects apply on Appen’s website. There are many types of projects that fall under 3 categories.

  1. Projects: apply and qualify for a project. There is a waiting period.
  2. MicroTasks: start immediately.
  3. Surveys and Data Collection: simple tasks such as surveys or recording your voice with your mobile device.

Another of the 3 Greats Way to Make Extra Money Online is with Sitel. Sitel’s business is customer service, and their clients’ hire them to take their customer service calls. As a result, Sitel is looking for customer service representatives. To provide flexibility, Sitel offers their representatives the option to work from home on a flexible schedule. Positions fall under 3 categories.

  1. Customer Service (includes Work from Home)

2. HR, Learning, and Administrative

3. Business, Operations, and Management

To apply for a position, prospects set up an account so they can receive updates and apply for positions.

The third way to make extra money online is with Lionbridge. Lionbridge focuses on translation and localization services. If a company is using content such as marketing information for a language, region, or audience, then Lionbridge will translate the content so it can be used globally. For example, Lionbridge could translate and localize Wendy’s ads for Japan. Because of their business, many of Lionbridge’s positions require foreign language skills. Their positions fall under 4 categories.

  1. Corporate Associates
  2. Translators
  3. Interpreters
  4. Gaming

To apply for a position with Lionbridge, prospects complete a registration form so they can receive updates and apply for positions.

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