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Figuring out the best way to find a roommate online is a common problem. While some people can rent with friends or family, others need to find someone they don’t know to help with the bills. This is a scary and intimidating process. The possible problems make anyone hesitant. Will the “roommate” pay on time, be clean, have a stable job, be dangerous? In order to make the roommate finding process easier, companies have developed online, roommate finding services. Three of the most interesting ones are described below.

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When visiting, a visitor can immediately search for roommates in a city. Prospects are shown by their first name and last name initial. Some profiles have a picture while others do not. In order to contact a potential roommate, an account must be set-up. During the account set-up, screening questions cover pets, smoking, profession, and other information. Once a profile is complete, the site immediately provides matches which can be messaged. provides a secure messaging center and verifies user identities in order to provide a safe and secure experience.

Price: While an account can be set-up for free, a VIP membership is required to access all of the services including Complete Profiles, Full-size Pictures, Full Messaging, and Mobile App. The least expensive membership is for 3 days at $5.99. Although it may be tempting to use a free account, it would be helpful to have access to all the information about a possible roommate to best find a roommate online. As a result, the short term VIP plans are a good option for a tight budget.

A visitor to Roomi can also immediately search for roommates in a city. Prospects are shown by their first name and a profile picture. When a profile is selected, a summary of the prospect is provided. In order to message a potential roommate, an account must be set-up. Roomi adds a step by asking users to add their social media links and complete a background check. Background checks cost $15. Roomi’s platform uses a secure internal messaging system so users don’t have to exchange personal contact information in order to communicate. To improve confidence and security once a roommate is found, Roomi can hold and safely transfer the first month’s rent payment to the lister.

Price: Roomi lets users create a free account but charges $15 for a background check. In addition, users are allowed to boost their posts to the top of the search results page for $12/day or $50/week. Roomi’s app is available on Android and iOS.

Circle is a mobile app based roommate solution that uses Facebook friend groups as a screening tool for roommates. The idea is that living with a friend of a friend is better than a total stranger. As a result, all users must have a Facebook account to sign up and share their locations. In addition, there is a “Tinder-like” swipe interface that allows users to like or dislike other users. Both users must swipe up in order to message one another. The app is only available in iOS.

Price: A circle account is free and includes social media connections, bios with photos, short write-ups, and personality tags to help improve matching.


Additional companies that provide ways to find a roommate online include the following:

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