Do You Need Easy Storage Ideas for Your Apartment?

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Inadequate storage is a common problem when renting an apartment. As a result, tenants have to be creative and use every space available. To be successful, tenants often use containers, boxes, and “storage” products designed to make life easier. While these products come in every shape, size, and price, most tenants need at least a good, bulk storage solution. One good, inexpensive option is Frakta Storage Bags from IKEA.


While there are three products under the FRAKTA product line, the best for apartment storage is the 20 gallon storage bag. Because of its design, it not only has a lot of room, but also can be easily slid under a bad or in a closet. Since the bag is closed by a zipper, contents are well protected and can be kept clean if the bag is stored in a garage or storage room.

The bag is carried by hand using built-in handles or as a backpack with straps. While the backpack option is interesting, the bag is not a backpack, so this option may not be very comfortable.


Length: 28 3/4″

Depth: 13 3/4″

Height: 11 3/4″

Load: 55 lbs.

Volume: 20 gallon


$4.99 each

Because of the bag’s popularity, resellers offer the bags in packs of 3 on sites such as ebay for a higher per bag price.


The appeal of the Frakta Storage Bag is the size, strength, price, and versatility. It can not only be used for storage, but also travel, moving, and day trips. The Frakta line also has two other bags, but they are smaller and do not have zippers. As a result, they would not be ideal for apartment storage.

The bags are not good for storing breakable items unless they are in smaller boxes that can be put inside the bag. The best storage items are close, blankets, and non-breakable items.

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