What To Do When Facing Eviction As the Moratorium ends

With the eviction moratorium ending today, July 31, many tenants are wondering what to do when facing an eviction. Although there has been $45 billion in rental assistance allocated by Congress, it has been slow to reach people. As a result, evictions are a real possibility for millions of families. Tenants should take these steps NOW if facing an eviction.

Apply for Rental Assistance

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Even though the eviction moratorium is expiring, tenants can still apply for rental assistance that provides up to 18 months of assistance. To help this process, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has launched a new Rental Assistance Finder Tool. It helps tenants find the state and local organizations distributing federal rental assistance in their communities.

Use Rental Assistance Finder Tool HERE!

The criteria that needs to be met when applying for assistance has not changed. It includes the following:

  1. One member of a household needs to be eligible for unemployment benefits. If not, they can state in writing that they have lost income or have higher expenses due to Covid.
  2. Demonstrate a risk of homelessness. This could be a past due notice for rent or utilities.
  3. Show income level for 2020 is less than 80% of the median income in the area. Priority is given to tenants at the 50% level of median income and those out of work for 90 days.

A tenant must complete a declaration form when applying for assistance. It states that they are unable to make the full rent payment due to a financial setback. If a renter qualifies for the extension, they must provide the declaration to their landlord.

Check State’s Eviction Policy

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Every state can determine their eviction policy. Even though the CDC eviction moratorium is expiring, a state may have its own moratorium in place that is still active. For example, if a tenant is in the process of applying for rental assistance in Minnesota, they cannot be evicted. This policy runs thru June 2022. Check the sites below for state’s policies.

Check state’s policy HERE!

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Tenants’ rights vary be state. As a result, it is critical for a tenant to check their state’s landlord/tenant laws related to eviction.

Check landlord/tenants laws by state HERE!

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When a tenant has an eviction filed against them, it can be very confusing and and intimidating. As a result, it is helpful to get legal assistance. In a growing number of cities and states, tenants facing eviction have a right to counsel. These states include Maryland and Connecticut. Check out the following sites below for legal assistance.



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