CDC Implementing A New Eviction Moratorium Until Oct. 3

CDC eviction moratorium

The CDC is implementing a new eviction moratorium until Oct. 3 across most of the country. The moratorium targets areas of the country experiencing “Substantial” and “High” levels of Covid infections. Since most of the country is experiencing a spike, 90% of the tenants behind on their rents are expected to be covered.

Community levels can be checked on the CDC’s website.

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In June, a majority of the Supreme Court found that the CDC exceeded its authority by implementing an eviction moratorium. As a result, legal challenges are coming again because the CDC is repeating its behavior. While courts are unpredictable, they will most likely find that the CDC is exceeding its authority again.

Looking ahead, the CDC is expecting a negative, legal outcome but also knows the legal process will buy them time. Two goals can be accomplished with this time.

Goal 1: Give states and cities more time to distribute the $45 billion in rental assistance. At the end of June, only $3 billion had been distributed.

Goal 2: Develop an alternative plan to continue distributing the rental assistance funds after Oct. 3 to help prevent evictions.

What should tenants do?
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With the CDC implementing a new eviction moratorium until Oct. 3, tenants facing eviction should take the following steps as discussed in the post, What To Do When Facing Eviction As the Moratorium Ends.

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