Rent Payments Can Be Reported to Credit Bureaus

Tenants often wonder how rent payments can be reported to credit bureaus. It is has been a concern for years. Renters that pay on-time receive no benefit on their credit report. As a result, they are charged higher interest rates when buying a car or financing another purchase. In addition, millions of Americans lack credit scores but pay rent every month. By recording on-time rent payments, millions of tenants could establish good credit scores that allow them to pursue home ownership and build wealth. One company that is solving this problem is Esusu.

Esusu allows rent payments to be reported directly to the three credit bureaus. The steps to use Esusu include the following:

Step 1: Property manager sets-up a demo with Esusu and creates an account. The manager provides their tenant info for reporting purposes.

Step 2: When rent payments are received, the property manager reports them to Esusu through the manager’s portal. Tenants are not allowed to self report. This is important to maintain credibility.

Step 3: Esusu reports the rent payments monthly to Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.

Step 4: Once reported by Esusu, payments appear on the tenant’s credit report in 2-8 weeks. Tenant tracks credit score and rent payments on Esusu’s mobile app.

A tenant can set up an account with Esusu under the Renter tab if their landlord is not enrolled. However, their landlord is responsible for reporting payments.


  • FREE for a tenant if landlord is enrolled.
  • $50/year for tenant if landlord is not enrolled.
  • $50 one time payment if tenant wants past payments reported (up to 24 months).


CompanyTenantLandlordCredit Bureau
ClearNowFree for tenantLandlord $14.95/mth, verifies paymentExperian
CreditMyRentTenant $14.95/mthLandlord not involvedEquifax, Transunion
LevelCreditTenant $6.95/mthLandlord not involvedEquifax, Transunion, Experian
PaymentReportTenant $49/leaseLandlord verifies paymentEquifax
PayYourRentFree for tenantLandlord $19.95/mth, verifies paymentEquifax, Transunion, Experian
Rent ReportersTenant sign up $94.95, $9.95/mthLandlord verifies paymentEquifax, Transunion
Rental KharmaTenant sign up $50, $8.95/mthLandlord verifies paymentTransunion
Rock the ScoreTenant sign up $48, $6.95/mthLandlord verifies paymentEquifax, Transunion
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