Are you renting in a flood risk area?

With sea level rise, hurricanes and tropical storm a hot topic, it is reasonable to wonder if you are renting in a flood risk area. While news often highlights the risk of flooding to home owners, tenant are also at risk of losing their home and personal property. A helpful tool to determine if you are at risk is Flood Factor.

The Flood Factor is a tool designed from a partnership of experts that created the First Street Foundation Flood Model. It is the first model to consider environmental changes and their affect on flood risks. As a result, the model shows the risk of flooding in the lower 48 states from rainfall, rivers, and coastal surges. Therefore, a tenant can look at their current home or future rental and do the following:

Determine if property is in a risky area.

See how flood risks change over time.

Understand location’s probability of flooding from rain, rivers, tidal events, and storm surge.

How Does it Work

Visit Flood Factor and search by Address, City, State, or Zip.


FREE, Flood Factor is a free online tool.

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