2 Ways To Get Caught for Not Scooping the Poop

Yes, you are reading correctly. As pet ownership grows, there is growing concern about tenants not picking up their pet waste as they agreed and the negative impact on communities. As a result, apartment management can now check Fido’s poop for DNA and figure out who is not picking up after their dog. Is it you? Here are 2 Ways To Get Caught For Not Scooping The Poop.

PooPrints creates a genetic database of dogs in a community by collecting their DNA. Once collected, the information is added to the company’s DNA World Pet Registry. When suspicious poop is found, it is tested and tracked back to the dog, tenant, and unit.

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Mr. Dog Poop is very similar to PooPrints in its operation. However, its database is called the Crime Lab® Database. Once DNA is collected, the genetic information is added to its database and is available to communities using the service.


2 ways your dog can pooh but can't hide

How do the services work?

  1. Dog DNA is collected at the beginning of the lease using a cheek swab.
  2. Each dog’s genetic profile is added to the database.
  3. If unscooped waste is reported to management, a sample is taken and sent to the lab for testing.
  4. Sample is matched to a dog, owner, and unit.
  5. Based on the community’s rules and regulations, the tenant is given a warning or fine.
  6. If tenant moves, DNA data is available to a new community if they use one of the companies.

What are tenant’s responsibilities?

  • Provide a cheek swab for their dog to the community manager when moving into a unit.
  • Pick-up after their dog to avoid any fines.

What are tenant’s costs?

  • Communities charge a separate registration fee for PooPrints or include it in a Pet Fee or Pet Application Fee.
  • Fines vary and should be outlined in the lease and pet addendum provided at move-in.


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