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3 Differences Between Hard and Soft Credit Checks

When a tenant applies for an apartment, the landlord generally runs a credit check. Basically, the credit check helps the landlord determine the riskiness of a tenant. When a credit check is run, it is either a Hard or Soft Credit Check. There are 3 differences between them. Differences Between Soft and Hard Inquiries  Soft Inquiries Hard Inquiries Doesn’t affect

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Why Are Rents Going Up?

According to CoreLogic, rents rose 9.3% in August versus a year ago. In addition, all major metropolitan housing markets covered by CoreLogic show positive rent growth. The largest increase is in Miami with a 21% increase. So why are rents going up? Low Supply of Rental Units There has been severe under-investment in housing construction for years in the United

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Do You Know If Your Apartment is Going to Become Unaffordable?

With rents going up, many tenants are wondering if their apartments are going to become unaffordable. Would it be helpful to know if this problem was coming your way? The winning team at the Zillow HBCU Housing Hackathon targets this problem. Morehouse College’s Solution A team of four students from Morehouse College won first place in the Hackathon by creating

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3 Ways to Check Neighborhood Crime Before Renting

crime scene do not cross signage

It is hard to check neighborhood crime before renting a property, but everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood. To solve this problem, three companies allow users to search their neighborhoods for criminal activity. They are SpotCrime,, and LexisNexis. SpotCrime allows users to easily look up city and county crime data and reports. In addition, users can search

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CDC Implementing A New Eviction Moratorium Until Oct. 3

The CDC is implementing a new eviction moratorium until Oct. 3 across most of the country. The moratorium targets areas of the country experiencing “Substantial” and “High” levels of Covid infections. Since most of the country is experiencing a spike, 90% of the tenants behind on their rents are expected to be covered. Community levels can be checked on the

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