7 Reasons Your Rent is Increasing

Single Family Rents rose 13.1% compared to last year according to CoreLogic’s Single-Family Rental Index. In addition, Rent.com reports that rents are up for one-bedroom apartments by 26.5% and two-bedrooms by 25.7%. As a result, the typical rent in the U.S. is $1,883 per month according to Zillow. So what is happening? Basically, demand is greater than supply, but there

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3 Facts About Dropping Medical Debt From Credit Reports on July 1

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, more than 43 million Americans owe an estimated $88 billion in medical debt. In the second quarter of 2021, 58% of all bills in collections were medical bills. Once medical bills are sent to collection agencies, individuals’ credit scores suffer. As a result, those affected encounter challenges finding employment and housing. In addition,

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3 Ways Tenants Can Pay for Laundry from Their Phones

white front load washing machines

A cashless society is approaching rapidly. As a result, all corners of tenants’ lives are affected including doing laundry. To improve convenience, landlords are allowing tenants to make mobile payments to operate laundry machines. 3 Ways Tenants Can Pay For Laundry From Their Phones are listed below. Look for the PayRange icon on machine to determine if it accepts PayRange

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3 Ways Tenants Can Protect Themselves from Disaster

Floods, tornadoes, fires, and other disasters keep coming. To make matters worse, when rental properties are damaged by disasters, tenants are on their own. Landlords’ property and flood insurance does not protect the tenants’ possessions or cover unexpected moving and relocation expenses. To be better prepared, there are 3 Ways Tenants Can Protect Themselves from Disaster. Renters Insurance The first

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3 Solar Generators for Apartment Living

Solar Generators for apartment living

Losing power is a hassle that everyone has experienced. Daily life becomes harder, and phones and computers become unusable. While home owners may be fortunate to have a generator, tenants are not so lucky. Not only do traditional generators require room for storage and operation, but also are noisy and produce poisonous exhaust. As a result, traditional generators are not

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