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Do You Need Easy Storage Ideas for Your Apartment?

carton box and suitcases for relocation on bed

Inadequate storage is a common problem when renting an apartment. As a result, tenants have to be creative and use every space available. To be successful, tenants often use containers, boxes, and “storage” products designed to make life easier. While these products come in every shape, size, and price, most tenants need at least a good, bulk storage solution. One

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Best Way to Find a Roommate Online

Figuring out the best way to find a roommate online is a common problem. While some people can rent with friends or family, others need to find someone they don’t know to help with the bills. This is a scary and intimidating process. The possible problems make anyone hesitant. Will the “roommate” pay on time, be clean, have a stable

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What is Renters Insurance and 6 Other Common Questions About It

What is Renters Insurance and 6 Other Common Questions About It provides tenants an overview of renters insurance and answers some common questions that tenants ask about an insurance policy. The video includes links to sites that review rental insurance providers so tenants can research and make a good decision if they decide to buy a policy.

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