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3 Solar Generators for Apartment Living

Solar Generators for apartment living

Losing power is a hassle that everyone has experienced. Daily life becomes harder, and phones and computers become unusable. While home owners may be fortunate to have a generator, tenants are not so lucky. Not only do traditional generators require room for storage and operation, but also are noisy and produce poisonous exhaust. As a result, traditional generators are not

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Do You Need Easy Storage Ideas for Your Apartment?

carton box and suitcases for relocation on bed

Inadequate storage is a common problem when renting an apartment. As a result, tenants have to be creative and use every space available. To be successful, tenants often use containers, boxes, and “storage” products designed to make life easier. While these products come in every shape, size, and price, most tenants need at least a good, bulk storage solution. One

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