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About us

About Us

Managing rental property can be a challenging experience, and there is no reason that do-it-yourself landlords should not have similar tools as property management companies. TenantTag delivers these tools to landlords in an easy to use solution that includes automated rent collection and maintenance request processing.  Because tenants often site poor communication with landlords as a reason they move from a property, TenantTag also focuses on improving communication by delivering tenant specific information to tenants through a customized, mobile application and automated texting service.  By meeting the needs of landlords and tenants, TenantTag strives to provide a software solution that makes managing rental property as efficient and profitable as possible. 

TenantTag is the first property management software solution designed specifically to help do-it-yourself landlords not only manage more efficiently, but also increase tenant retention.  Why tenant retention? TenantTag focuses on tenant retention because the most expensive period when owning a rental unit is when it is vacant.  Expenses including mortgage payments, repairs, taxes, insurance, utilities, and general maintenance all come out of the landlord’s pocket when a unit is vacant. If this is occurring every 12-months, what was once considered a great investment may be considered an expensive mistake.  By focusing on improving the rental experience for landlords and tenants, TenantTag makes the landlord more efficient and makes it more likely that a tenant will renew their lease thereby giving the landlord a better return on their investment.

TenantTag was founded and is operated by a team with experience in real estate investment, rental property ownership, and property management.  Founded in 2016, TenantTag’s mission is to help do-it-yourself landlords manage their property more efficiently and improve tenant retention.